Breast cancer mommy: Bald is beautiful They state beauty is skin deep.

THEREFORE I shaved my hair and have rocked my baldness ever since – without regrets. I do miss the older me with the long, blond hair. But I still possess the same face, and it’s still me inside. I must say i think that bald is beautiful. It’s something I think about every time I walk into the hospital and see someone who has lost his or her hair to cancers. They are brave, and they are beautiful. ABOUT THE WRITER Meredith Israel, 37, in June was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast malignancy, 2009. She says she’s in the fight of her life, determined to prevail with regard to her family members, including her 3-year-old child, Niomi, and her husband, Gary. Meredith found her breasts cancer through self-evaluation and a mammogram. Since becoming diagnosed, she’s raised more than $100,000 for breast cancer research and is a vocal proponent of self-exams and early detection.Wellness officials said the individuals company was cooperating with the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Health Department to guarantee the security of any employees and also require been exposed. CBSN In the event you take your son or daughter to a measles party? Wellness officials in California are caution people to avoid so-called ‘measles celebrations.’ The get-togethers are designed for parents to inten. Anyone who’s not really vaccinated against measles reaches risk for disease if subjected to the virus. Nevertheless, wellness officials said the chance of contracting measles on BART is definitely low. But any general public place could be a breeding surface for the virus, that may spread quickly through a cough or sneeze and may live beyond your body for about two hours, based on the U.S.