S tragedy in the Boston Marathon.

We grieve for those who lost their lives or had been harmed in Boston, and for his or her households, said David Cordani, president and CEO of Cigna. We take delight in all of the good and decent people who have arrive to aid from those who need it. .. Cigna offers free of charge telephonic consultations to people affected by Boston Marathon explosions Cigna's behavioral health unit is offering free telephonic consultations for 14 days to individuals who are dealing with yesterday's tragedy in the Boston Marathon.In addition, some ladies experiencing pseudocyesis have positive results on pregnancy testing, relating to Paul Paulman, a family practitioner at the University of Nebraska INFIRMARY. The problem has been treated mainly by psychiatrists, who’ve many theories as to why the condition happens, including that it ‘takes place in patients who desperately wish to become pregnant or who’ve a strong need to be involved in a family group member’s pregnancy,’ the days reports. Although large-scale studies to establish a hormonal profile of pseudocyesis sufferers have not really been preformed, individual case research have indicated the women had increased levels of the hormones estrogen and prolactin, which cause abdominal swelling and breasts milk excretion, according to the Times.