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See your physician With regular exams frequently, your physician can monitor your cholesterol amounts and blood pressure, while looking for additional signs that may help prevent heart disease or detect it early. You should consult a doctor immediately if you notice: Shortness of breathDiscomfort in your upper body, upper abdomen, neck, jaw or hands with physical exertion, exercise or emotional stress.. Cardiologists recommend tips to prevent heart disease Looking for a gift from the heart to provide your valentine? There’s a lot you can do to lessen your risk of heart disease and improve your possibilities for an extended, healthier lifestyle. Understand Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease In the early stages of cardiovascular disease, most people don’t have any symptoms.However, as the study shows, the bigger the connection, the noisier the mind. Therefore, while noise may not be a useful feature, it really is at least a by-product of a good feature.. Australia views early rise in flu cases By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Australia is gripped with a fourfold upsurge in the true amount of people suffering flu. This rise is also prior to the usual peak time of year in August and September. Nearly 8 Already,000 cases have already been reported weighed against about 2,000 simultaneously last year. The boost has affected Queensland, South and NSW Australia. In January and February a lot more than 1,700 people were documented with flu, weighed against fewer than 300 the entire year before.