Bedbugs may carry dangerous bacteria: Study Bedbugs are back the news.

Bedbugs may carry dangerous bacteria: Study Bedbugs are back the news, which time the tiny blood-suckers are packing temperature – by means of antibiotic-resistant bacteria commonly called superbugs. In an initial study by Canadian experts, bedbugs from three medical center individuals from Vancouver were discovered to be holding infectious bacterias – including the ones that cause possibly deadly MRSA infections. There is no proof that bedbugs can pass on infections or any various other disease. But scratching itchy bedbug bites will make people more susceptible to these bacterias, said study writer Dr.2011 FINANCIAL GUIDANCE Bristol-Myers Squibb can be confirming its 2011 GAAP EPS guidance range from $2.00 to $2.10 and its non-GAAP EPS range between $2.10 to $2.20. Essential 2011 non-GAAP assistance assumptions stay unchanged. The non-GAAP assistance excludes specified items as discussed under ‘Usage of Non-GAAP Financial Details.’ Details reconciling adjusted non-GAAP amounts with the quantities reflecting specified products are provided in supplemental materials available on the business’s website. The financial guidance for 2011 excludes the effect of any potential strategic acquisitions and divestitures and any specified items that have not yet been recognized and quantified.

Asthma medication adherence strategies identified By Laura Cowen, medwireNews Reporter Keeping asthma medication in the toilet and incorporating its use into daily routines are strategies connected with great medication adherence in older adults with asthma, US study shows.