Mosquitoes have already been known as the deadliest animal on earth.

With an ability to rear huge mosquito quantities, the approach can be used as a natural pesticide, to overwhelm and sterilize mosquito populations that transmit diseases like malaria, flilaria, dengue and yellow fever. Once sterilized, the mosquito people declines and will be removed. Dobson has already had promising results using the artificial bloodstream and mosquito sterilization technique to control populations of Asian tiger mosquitoes.‘This positions us with a solid capital partner and a well balanced foundation to grow. We are able to right now add properties and go after new initiatives, like geographic growth beyond our six New England claims.’.. Chipotle sees meteoric rise in revenue and stocks after banning GMOs from menu; McDonald’s dies as Americans reject junk food Since Chipotle announced that these were removing genetically modified organisms from their menu, they have exploded onto the scene as a genuine and wholesome brand, leaving processed foods peddlers like McDonald’s within their dust.