According to a report presented October 16.

As women age, their risk of breast cancer raises, so a fraction of the women will ultimately develop breast cancer. They are the patients who would be most interested in preserving their breasts and avoiding mastectomy. Between 1994 and 2004, experts reviewed the records of 26 breast tumor patients with previously augmented breasts who had been treated with breasts conservation surgery and radiation at the Mayo Clinic. All sufferers had their implants set up before their breast malignancy diagnosis. Eighty-five % of patients implemented over a three-12 months period had favorable cosmetic outcomes following radiation therapy.It even has the mainstream media describing the failures of mammography in content like the one you’ll see here: Here’s another thing you need to know: The cancer industry hasn’t merely abandoned science with regards to mammography; it has additionally abandoned all technology with the pressing of chemotherapy. Do you realize there has never been a randomized, placebo-controlled research proving that chemotherapy will save the lives of breasts cancer patients? That proof doesn’t exist.