The girl may be the 11th person to die from the virulent H5N1 strain of bird flu in China.

According to the WHO since the virus re-emerged in Asia in 2003, outbreaks have already been confirmed in more than 45 countries and territories, and just this season more than 30 countries possess reported outbreaks mostly in wild birds. Since 2003 the virus provides killed 105 people in eight countries and territories and there have been confirmed human cases in Azerbaijan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Iraq, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. The virus may have contaminated 186 people and many who have passed away have already been children and young adults. Sixty four of those deaths possess occurred in Indonesia and Vietnam. There is however nothing fresh about the H5N1 virus, it was in charge of an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Scotland in 1959.It might not end up being the same case for all patients. With the increasing understanding of the treatments and treatment breast cancers could be treated very easily. Breast tumor occurs when cell inside our breasts referred to as tumor grow uncontrollable causing harm to the nearby cells and spreads throughout. These tumors which are cancerous are referred to as malignant tumors and trigger large amount of damage to the body. As it will take lot of period for a tumor to develop, it could not end up being easy to detect the tumor during self examination. But these could be detected with mammograms.