This takes the loss of life toll from the virus to 65 up.

An outbreak among poultry in the northeast, is China’s fourth this month and its own largest. Reviews say the virus provides spread to another three townships in the region and that 10 million poultry there have been slaughtered. Swiss medication maker Roche says it provides agreed to provide the raw ingredient to permit Vietnam to create its antiviral medicine Tamiflu, one of the best defences against bird flu in humans. Forty-two folks have died from bird flu in Vietnam already. Besides the human toll, specialists are assessing the most likely financial costs of a pandemic, as globe energy demand might be curbed as people scale back on business and tourist travel.Bruker optical surface profiler systems built with the new AcuityXR mode have shown resolution of features below 130 nanometers in width, which is unprecedented in optical microscopy and is three times finer than for systems without this technology nearly. Furthermore, AcuityXR allows this new level of accuracy while preserving the wide field-of-view and powerful benefits of Bruker non-contact, 3D optical surface profiling. With AcuityXR, dimensional repeatability on narrow structures provides been proven to improve by more than a factor of 5x, displaying a true metrology advantage to the technology in addition to its capability to reveal exceptionally fine features. AcuityXR is an optional capability that is now available on Bruker ContourGT-K1, X3 and X8 optical surface profilers.