Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community built playground?
Community built playgrounds are created through the efforts of volunteers. Think of an old-fashioned “barn raising” where the community works together to build something special. Each person has something to offer whether it is volunteering time, talent, monetary contributions or material contributions.

Who designs the playground?
Children in Moss Beach, Montara and El Granada will help design the playground. John Dean, a designer with Leathers and Associates from Ithaca, New York, will use the children’s ideas of what they want in a dream park and combine these ideas with the history of our area to develop a playground design that is unique to the Coast. Leathers and Associates specializes in community built playgrounds and has helped 1,600 communities across the world build their playgrounds. Leathers and Associates is the design firm that designed
Frienship Playground at Frontierland Park the communtiy built playground in Pacifica. Leathers will be a part of this project from the beginning to the end and help to guide the Moss Beach Park Steering Committee made up of local volunteers through the various stages of designing, fundraising and organizing building days.

Where will the playground be built?
Moss Beach Park Playground will be built at the current Moss Beach Park located just east of Highway at the corner of Virginia and Etheldore in Moss Beach.

Who will build the playground?
Volunteers must join together to build our playground from the ground up in 7 days time. We need skilled and unskilled volunteers. The jobs include construction, painting, sanding, childcare, food services, volunteer sign-up, runners, and others. Children ages 10-13 can work alongside their parents on site. A special children’s work area will be set up next to the construction site for other children who can help sand, soap screws, wash playground tires and do other jobs. Teenagers, ages 14 and up, can work on-site building the playground. Adults can do just about anything. Representatives from Leathers and Associates will be in Moss Beach during construction to guide local volunteers through the 7-day process of building the playground.

When will the playground be designed?
The kids in the community will design the playground on “Design Day” January 22, 2004. Leathers and Associates will be meeting with the children of Farallone View school during the school day to gather their design ideas. The design will be revealed to the community from 7-8 p.m. in the multi-purpose room at Farallone View School.

When will the playground be built?
The Construction day will be chosen when the fundraising is complete. Typically these community built playgrounds take up to a year to build. We have a goal to get the playground built by the end of this school year 2004, but depending on fundraising it may be in the start of fall 2004.

How will we pay for the playground?
The Moss Beach Park Playground project will be made possible through the many generous donations of corporations, businesses and individuals. So far we have already received contributions from generous community members. We will be embarking on many fundraising endeavors so if you would like to volunteer please email us. If you would like to donate money, food, services, etc, please visit our Get Involved page.

Will the playground be accessible for children with special needs?
The Moss Beach Park Playground will completely accessible and will be ADA complient.