The Moss Beach Park project is run ENTIRELY by volunteers. This is an excellent opportunity for us, as a community, to do something special. There are several ways you can help support the Moss Beach Project.

Become a Park Sponsor
To make our kid’s park vision into a reality, we need to raise funds from invested community members and corporate sponsors. Below is an outline of how you can donate to this project and the different sponsorship items and levels. Sponsors names will appear in special areas of the park that will be designed to recognize contributions received to build the facility.

Sponsor Items
Picket Sponsors ($35.00)
Tile Sponsor ($25.00)
Brick Sponsors ($100.00)
Playground Component Sponsors ($1,000.00 to $5,000)
(A complete playground component list appears on the PDF form below or see our Sponsors Page)

Sponsor Levels
Material & Labor Donations (Any amount)
Bronze Level ($50.00 to $249.00)
Silver Level ($250.00 to $999.00)
Gold Level ($1,000.00 to $4,999.00)
Benefactors ($5,000.00 or more)

Please download the Sponsor Order Form or if you have any questions regarding donations, contact our Fundraising Committee Leader Stephen Miller

Checks should be made payable to CP&R, and mailed to:

Coastside Preservation and Recreation
Your deduction is tax deductible, and we will send you a receipt containing our tax ID information, and specifying the amount of your donation.


Donate Materials, Tools or Food
If you would like to donate building materials, please contact:
Kerry Tate

If you would like to donate tools, please contact:
Theresa MacNaughton

and check out the list of tools that we need.

If you would like to donate food, please contact:
Grace Hammerstrom


Volunteer Time
We’ll need plenty of community volunteers to join us. From fundraising and community events to building the playground during construction week. Volunteers for projects such as this often look back on the event as one of the best experiences of their lives.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please download the Volunteer Signup Sheet (PDF).

You may also email the Volunteers Coordinator. Please include your name and phone number(s) and clarify yourself as a “skilled” or “unskilled” worker. Skilled workers need not be carpenters, but they must be comfortable with power tools and be able to cut a straight line with a circular saw. Volunteers who feel uncomfortable with carpentry can help with other important tasks at the site—childcare, food preparation, sanding, shoveling, and assisting with carpentry jobs. There’s something for everybody.


Sign up as a Construction Captain
We need a minimum of 10 construction captains to work alongside the construction consultants, overseeing and instructing crews and helping to maintain quality. They make it possible for Leathers’ consultants to keep hundreds of volunteers working efficiently. Strongly committed captains take care of the details that make working on a project fun, safe, and productive. Without them, volunteers become frustrated because they have to wait for instructions, resulting in lost workers.

To voluteer as a construction captain or to find out more info, email the Volunteers Coordinator.