A Special Playground Imagined by Our Children Can be Built by You and Me.

The Moss Beach Park project is a collaborative effort of Coastside residents including parents, children, grandparents, and other interested members of our community working together to design, fund, build and enjoy a dream playground in Moss Beach. Our hope is to bring all members of our community together to achieve this common goal.


Working with a nationally recognized playground design group, Leathers & Associates, we will transform the dreams of our children into a unique and magical playground. Leathers’ playground design and community playground concept, likened to an old-fashioned barn raising, has been featured in Smithsonian Magazine, Readers Digest, and on Sesame Street. Leathers’ group has designed and orchestrated construction for over 1600 playgrounds worldwide.

This playground will be unlike those we played on as children, where the seesaws, swings and slides were firmly but precariously placed in asphalt. Our playground, designed by the children, and constructed by volunteers, will be a cutting-edge fantasy environment.

At the official kick-off of the Moss Beach Park, an architect from the Leathers group spent the day at Farallone View Elementary School meeting with nearly 500 children from kindergarten to fifth grade. By day’s end, he had transformed the children’s dreams into a schematic plan for our new playground.

Our children have designed a multi-leveled wooden play area which includes a castle, a whale slide, a lighthouse, a pirate ship, a sunken-treasure maze, and a rock wall for climbing. Also included in the plan is a stage and amphithearter where visitors can gather, or parents can relax and watch their children.

The handicap accessible structure will be a continuous playscape which will challenge children from ages 2-13 both physically and mentally while enhancing the Moss Beach Park. The success of this project can only be guaranteed through the help and support of everyone in our community. Many special people have already come forth with pledges of labor, materials, cash and food. However, we still have a long way to go to reach our goal. We are counting on you to help “Build our children’s Dream.”

You Don’t Have to Be a Carpenter to Help.

You can build Moss Beach Park by:

Making a cash donation
Our goal for Phase One is $140,000.00. This covers: Architectural fees, special play equipment, handicap accessible equipment, materials, and other costs.

Donating materials
If you would like to donate building materials, please contact:
Jim Hendrickson

Lending your tools
They will be returned in the same or better condition.

Pledging your time
We need carpenters, painters, strong backs, food preparers and servers, child care volunteers, forepersons, coordinators and moral support.

Serving on any of our committees
We need your special talents to help coordinate this project (see a list of Steering Committee members).

Tell everyone you know that they can help build a dream.

Get Involved.

If you have an interest or an ability in one of the functions outlined above, and this sounds like an effort that you would like to contribute to, please contact us by:

Or click here for more on how to Get Involved.