Major dates and our timeline for the Moss Beach Park Project.

Design Day
Thursday, January 22nd 2004 (more info)

Organization Day
Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Construction Week
Wednesday Sept. 29 to Sunday Oct. 3, 2004

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Here is our project timeline. This is a guide for us to keep our community-built project on track.

Timeline I: Design Day to Organization Day

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Contact L&A with three choices for construction dates.

Receive PDML and schematic design.

Research grants. L&A sends proposal and bill for construction deposit. Review proposal.

Collect design changes.

Receive bill for construction deposit (confirms construction date).

Contact media for Design Day follow-up stories. Have newspaper print schematic design. Work on brochure. Advertise first fundraiser. Distribute brochures.
Fundraising Begin planning first big fundraiser. Cost out project with materials coordinator and set $ goal. Plan fundraising schedule with GC. Add proposal information, finalize preliminary budget. First big grassroots fundraiser.
Children’s Committee Meet with kids and parents.

Begin to plan projects.

Possibly enlarge drawing for Buy-A-Board.
Materials From PDML, cost out materials for project.
Begin search for donated materials. If using materials from L&A, you’ll be notified of when payment is due.
Tools Begin list of local builders, contractors, etc. who may lend tools. Research sources of hard-to-get tools.
Volunteers Research group sources (military, voters, etc.) Help GC strength steering committee and subcommittees
Begin making presentations to local groups such as PTA and Rotary. Get names and phone numbers.
Food Research possible commercial sources.

Contact possible commercial sources.
Childcare Find a place for childcare. Research sources of entertainment.
Design and Special Needs Distribute 18″ x 24″ copy of schematic plan to all members. Research historical, cultural, scientific, or other theme for project.

Timeline I: Design Day to Organization Day (continued)

Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
General Coordinator(s) Discuss proposal and design with L&A project manager. Construction Phase fee is due. Call L&A project manager.
Public Relations Fundraising sign made and posted.
Fundraising Begin corporate fundraising. “Small fundraiser.” 10%-30% of goal.
Children’s Committee Children’s committee project, possibly with whole school. Thank you notes.


Continue search for donated materials.
Begin collecting materials or get written commitments for donations.
Tools Make sure electrical service is in place for construction (see Section P).
Volunteers Start search for construction captains. Sign up volunteers at any and all community events. Begin getting firm commitments from groups (especially military).
Food Find a place for food service. Begin getting commitments for commercial donations.
Childcare Continue researching entertainment.
Design and Special Needs Continue community research. Make sure to involve someone who is interested in special needs. Work with project manager on components for special needs population in your community. Draw detailed pictures of components of projects.


Timeline I: Design Day to Organization Day (continued)

Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
General Coordinator(s) Receive developed drawings, FML and bill for drawings. Keep up-to-date information on all committees.
Begin working on Organization Day schedule. Contact long-term care person at L&A.
Public Relations Advertise for second big fundraiser. Work with children’s newspaper. Distribute children’s newspaper.
Fundraising Fundraiser. Second big grassroots fundraiser (20%-50% of goal).
Children’s Committee Begin first edition of children’s newspaper. Distribute newspaper.
Materials Continue to seek contributions.
Volunteers Four construction captains signed up. Have 300 individual names and phone numbers.
Food Begin to plan menus.
Childcare Begin to get firm commitments for entertainment.
Design and Special Needs Brainstorm first design project. Start project 1.

Timeline I: Design Day to Organization Day (continued)

Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
General Coordinator(s) Have all committees prepare reports for Organization Day.
Public Relations Media update. Prepare for Organization Day.  


Fundraising Begin planning last major fundraiser. Prepare for Organization Day. Finalize budget figures for Organization Day (40%-80% of goal). “Smaller” fundraiser.
Children’s Committee Prepare for Organization Day. Project.
Materials Continue to seek contributions. Search for best prices, but don’t purchase until after Organization Day. Prepare for Organization Day.
Tools Schedule any site prep work needed.
Volunteers Continue signing up volunteers at community events. Ten construction captains signed up. Plan a contractor day. Secure commitments from builders. 400 signed up for construction.
Food Begin to contact non-commercial sources (parents, churches, scouts).
Childcare Prepare for Organization Day.
Design and Special Needs Project 1. Finalize community history research. Present design components during Organization Day